School of Education - George Mason University

This PhD specialization in Learning Technologies Design Research is the first of its kind with an innovative approach that engages doctoral students in real world, integrated design and research.

PhD in Education - Learning Technologies Design Research (LTDR) Specialization

General Culture (3 credits)

  • EDUC 800: Ways of Knowing (3 credit hours) ( OR EFHP860. EFHP 860 is for Kinesiology concentration students only. Other students should select EDUC 800. Course should be taken 1st semester.)

Educational Research (15 credits)

Specialization - Professional Knowledge and Skills (24 credits)

  • A 3 credit hour elective arranged in conjunction with academic advisor

Secondary Emphasis - Area of Scholarship (12 credits)

Doctoral candidates complete a sequence of core courses as well as choosing from one of three secondary emphases: Instructional Design and Technology (IDT); Designing Digital Learning in Schools (DDLS); or Blended and Online Learning (BOLS).

Doctoral Dissertation (12 credits)

  • EDUC 998: Doctoral Dissertation Proposal (1 - 6 credit hours) (Must register for 3 credits the first semester enrolled in EDUC 998. Students preparing their proposal must register for 1 credit each semester thereafter until the proposal has been successfully defended)
  • EDUC 999: Doctoral Dissertation Research (1 - 9 credit hours) (Must register for a minimum of 6 credits the first semester enrolled in EDUC 999. Must register for at least 1 credit thereafter until all work has been completed including the semester in which degree is received)

Please visit the PhD program website for more detailed information about the PhD program options.